Our Services: Consulting

SCOPE: Consulting occurs for many reasons and various situations and can be extremely beneficial when provided by a trusted source


Without exception, construction claims can cause substantial problems, quickly derailing a successful project. Few projects are free of claims and disputes.  The rush to meet tight deadlines can create unexpected situations resulting in delays and cost overruns for any or all parties involved.

ANALYSIS SERVICES:  CCSI is equipped to handle this and other various construction claims, including:

  • Differing site conditions
  • Lost productivity
  • Delays/acceleration
  • Cost overruns
  • Wrongful termination
  • Design error/omission
  • Construction defects
  • Manufacturing/Production Claims

Specializing in the analysis, preparation, and management of construction claims, CCSI applies proven technical skills to bring about a timely and equitable resolution.

Whether a concern exists with cost overruns, schedule delays, inhibited cash flow, or performance concerns, the objective is to minimize the financial risk.CCSI's services encompass almost every sector of construction and address the needs of the surety industry.

CCSI understands a surety's interest in fixing exposure, limiting liabilities, maximizing recovery and reducing final costs. CCSI's extensive experience and proven results provide sureties with the confidence to trust in our expert evaluations.


  • Exposure analysis and reporting
  • Document discovery assistance
  • Payment and performance bond claim analysis
  • Financial stability evaluations
  • Construction cost estimation
  • Cost to date reconciliation
  • Interim construction management
  • Takeover agreement negotiation
  • Bid preparation and analysis
  • Disbursement controls
  • Litigation support


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In today's complex construction environment, expert project scheduling is crucial to completing the project on time and within budget. No matter the size, each construction project requires an accurate, well-thought-out master schedule as a management tool to provide a constant, clear picture of the project's progress.

OUR SERVICES:  CCSI specializes in project scheduling, with procedures that allow for better control of resources, more accurate schedule projections, an early warning for potential problems and an emphasis on avoiding and/or minimizing delay claims. CCSI works with clients in a number of ways--designing reporting and scheduling needs to meet project criteria.

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Increasingly, owners are turning to outside experts to take command of the myriad of complex tasks associated with managing the design and construction of large capital projects. Today's marketplace encompasses a multitude of specialized design professionals, including architects, structural engineers, mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, civil engineers, geotechnical engineers, interior designers, landscape architects, general contractors, subcontractors, vendors, permitting experts, and specialty consultants. Working closely with the Owner, CCSI establishes relationships with each professional to construct a solid foundation that ensures the project goals are met.

OUR SERVICES:  As Project Manager, we focus on managing the planning, design and construciton of a building program involving multiple projects and mutliple phases or a single campus setting or mutliple sites.  We are responsible for the overall project including awarding contracts, procurring materials, monitoring cost, and schedule and managing the necessary reporting and communications.

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YOUR BENIFIT: As a consultant, we provide a fresh set of eyes, help clarify critical path items, or simply provide an expert opinion regardless of the size, scope, or phase of the project.   Through our affiliated national networks of professionals, we are able to provide you with sound council that can point you in the right direction.  At CCSI, we perform various levels of consulting--all of which are performed with the utmost integrity for you and your situation.  With our extensive knowledge, background and resources, you can be assured that you have aligned yourself with a dedicated team who will keep your best interest in mind.