Our Services: Design/Build

SCOPE: Craig Construction Services offers full-service capabilities to design and construct any building our client request. Fundamentally, design-build embraces architecture/engineering and construction services under a single contract, thereby combining the roles of designer and constructor.


OUR  SERVICE: With the design-build delivery approach, we accept responsibility for the design and construction of a project and act as the single point of contact for you. We select a qualified team of architects, engineers, and key subcontractors that best fit your goals and objectives for budget, schedule and quality.   As lead member of this sort of team, we obtain preliminary estmiates to ensure the build-ablilty and feasibility of the designed project.  Once the design has met certain milestones, we begin to initiate the next phase of the project while finalizing the first.  It saves you time and money.

YOUR BENEFIT: Your in-house administrative burden is lessened by reducing the time and cost that is allocated in the typical design-bid-construct process. A design/ build team that is working together from the outset can navigate your project around any potential scenarios that could evolve, had each role been engaged independently.  This process provides the simplest and most economical method of project completion.