Our Services: General Contracting

SCOPE: This approach is best identified as traditional bid and build.  It happens when an owner who has engaged architects, engineers, and designers to prepare plans and contract documents, awards a project to Craig Construction to build in accordance with the design of the project.  In the role of GC, it becomes our responsibility, at our expense,  to coordinate all subcontractor and vendor trades, manage the on-site schedule for material procurement, labor, equipment. and all other steps needed for mobilization of the project to its completion.  This level of responsiblity is performed for a variety of contract methods from Lump Sum to Cost plus Fee. It all depends on your needs and situation.

OUR  SERVICE: Since our role as the GC and the facility features are fully defined, we combine the right mix of  experienced project professionals (from project  managers and field superintendents to project engineers and quality control safety experts) to best assure you of a successful project outcome.

YOUR BENEFIT: We manage the construction phase of your project so you don't have to.  As your single-source responsble for a quality project, we ensure that it is completed on time and within budget.